Step Aside Google Chrome, Microsoft's New Chromium Browser Is Coming

Sorry Edge and Internet Explorer but you will not be missed.

Microsoft’s built-in web browsers have always been a joke. More often than not, people will only use them once: To download Google Chrome or Firefox. Not one to give up on their own software, Microsoft is following the classic adage of “if you can’t beat them, join them”.


Through an exclusive look by The Verge, we can now see how this new Chromium-based browser looks like and what features we can expect from it . For starters, when you first start using the new browser, you can immediately import all your saved passwords and settings from either Google Chrome or even Edge.  

This new browser can also support Chrome extensions, and even has a dedicated extensions page for you to browse through and download any extensions you want. There will also be sync support for these extensions, though it will be fully available once the browser goes live.


As of today, the browser has also been leaked, with users already checking out an early version of the browser. No word on when it will be fully integrated with current versions of Windows, though it does look promising and quite a step-up for Windows users