Microsoft baits anime fans with new Internet Explorer mascot

The web browser neglected by most geeks gets her own anime personification. Yes you read that right, IE is a her.
Microsoft baits anime fans with new Internet Explorer mascot

It’s amazing how mainstream Japanese animation, or anime, has become. Fact: even the big boys like Microsoft decides to get into it. In conjunction with Anime Festival Asia (AFA) 2013, Microsoft and local art enthusiast group Collateral Damage Studios unveiled the anime personification of Internet Explore 11.

Animated browsing

Named Inori Aizawa, the cutesy version of the browser started off as a concept by the art group in March 2013. It was adopted by Microsoft Singapore as the official mascot of Internet Explorer after the character received significant feedback and success. Now who says big companies don’t take notice of great concepts?

The collaboration doesn’t end there. Starting from today, a special version of IE 11 featuring the mascot can be downloaded at

There's even a short animated video (watch above) featuring the mascot made in collaboration with Nanyang Technological University’s CACANi Animation.

With companies like Microsoft now reaching out to the anime community, we wonder when there’ll be official anime personifications of the other browsers like Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox? Maybe we’ll see it at next year’s AFA.