Microsoft Andromeda Foldable Smartphone Concept Surfaces

We seem to be entering a galaxy of foldable phones.

Not one to shy away from new trends, Microsoft is reportedly entering the foldable smartphone game with their new Surface Phone. Codenamed Andromeda, this new smartphone has been rumored to be in production since the filings of certain patents by Microsoft made last year.

Being a sister product to the established line of Surface products, the Surface phone will have a lot of similarities with its predecessors. The Andromeda is made as a middle-ground between smartphone and PCs, and will also reportedly come with a stylus similar to those found on the Surface Pro and Surface Laptop.


YouTuber Concept Creator has since used the patents to come up with a 3D rendering of what the Andromeda could look like. The concocted design features a clamshell design, very similar to the Nintendo DS, only with the entire thing being bezel-less and without any buttons. It can also fold out into a full-on tablet. If it does come with a stylus, we can only imagine what other functionalities the Andromeda entails.

Overall, only time will tell if these concepts come true. While we may know when Samsung’s foldable phone will be unveiled, Microsoft has not announced anything officially regarding this product.