Mi Max And Mi Note Discontinued Says Xiaomi CEO

The popular large display and upper midrange line is on hiatus

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun was sharing on the brand's product line strategy between the Mi and Redmi series and among his many announcements, it turns out that there's no intention of there being a successor to the Mi Max and Mi Note lines this year.

Instead, the Mi brand will continue to focus on high-performance models incorporating the latest innovations like the Mi 9, Mi Mix series and the upcoming CC range. On the other end of the spectrum, the Redmi brand will deliver cost-effective phones which offer all the essential features in a more affordable package.

The Mi Max series was popular for its large displays and battery endurance while the Mi Note was the Xiaomi's upper midrange line. The introduction of Redmi K20 line can be viewed as the spiritual successor to the Mi Note range but the absence of a large screen battery powerhouse like the Mi Max line does create a hole in the oversized phone category.

That doesn't mean that the Max and Note lines are permanently discontinued, but things don't look so positive either. Still, it could be that the brand has other plans for a tablet-sized phone next year so we'll just have to wait and see.