News is the official Facebook Messenger web spinoff

Now you can stick to plain chat instead of being distracted by cat photos

Here's another new thing from Facebook, fresh off the recent F8 developer conference. Say hello to, a dedicated web client to buzz your Facebook buddies.

The website is mainly just a chat browser, without all the distracting pop-ups or updates, just plain chat. It's almost similar to instances when you pop-out the Facebook Messenger from the browser to a separate mini-browser.

Stripping away the Newsfeed

Don’t worry about functionality, because all the emojis, photo attachments, voice and video calling are intact and with no predicted changes. Along the way, Messenger will evolve with its mobile counterparts and support for payment is also in the works.

Additionally, Facebook will also allow third-party developers to tap into its messaging system as we reported earlier.

Good or bad, the age of GIF Facebook messages are upon us. All hail the new sticker overlords.

[Source: Digitaltrends]