Meld is a knob that makes cooking a smarter affair

Sous vide with less stress

It's pretty difficult to determine the temperature of the food you are cooking if you are cooking on the stove, unless you are a pro.

Ovens allow you to adjust to the exact heat that you would want but on a burner? Good luck. Fret not though, because a new home cooking tool has been launched on Kickstarter earlier this week that will make you feel like a pro and end your guesswork.

Meet Meld, a smart knob that easily fits onto your current gas or electric stove. It automatically monitors and adjusts the temperature via an app on your smartphone.

Smartphone, meet stove

Meld is made up of 3 components; the knob, the thermometer and the app. Once you have fitted the knob onto your stove, the thermometer clips onto your pot/pan to measure the temperature, sending back the information wirelessly to the knob. As it is connected to your iOS or Android app, you can remotely control the remote or choose from hundreds of preset recipes.

Meld can be used for poaching, frying, simmering, slow cooking, candy making and a whole lot more. Because of its precise temperature control, it is suitable for sous vide which is a method that involves sealing meat in a plastic bag and placing it in a water bath for long periods of time.  There are other smart cooking tools that can cater for sous vide, but they are pretty pricey.

The cheaper solution to smart cooking is Meld (Kickstarter early birds grabbed it for US$99, lucky buggers) which will retail at US$149. Another amazing fact is that Meld has just been on Kickstarter for less than a week but it has way exceeded their funding goal of US$50,000.

Make your gourmet dreams come true by getting on the Meld bandwagon at Kickstarter.

[Source: The Verge]