Meet Zano, a selfie-taking drone that's also a narcissist's best friend

You knew it was coming, right? Selfies, selfies everywhere
A selfie-taking drone is a narcissist's best friend

A pocket drone that takes pictures and videos, including selfies? That sounds like an Instagram user's wet dream though the rest of us will have something new to groan about.

Zano is light, pocketable and still able to work autonomously. All you need to do is hook it up to an iOS or Android app via the drone's onboard Wi-Fi and you're all set.

Seriously not a toy

There are two ways you can control the Zano, either by having it move along with your phone by tilting it up, down and forward or backward. Or you can use virtual joysticks on a smartphone screen.

Now while that seems novel, what is actually unique is that you can set the Zano to stay in a fixed position or have it follow you as you move along at a set distance, while avoiding any obstacles it might encounter.

To make sure your footage is usable, the Zano even has built-in digital image optimisation as well as a removable battery. You can thus theoretically just bring spare batteries along with you and swap them out when the Zano runs out of juice.

You only need a standard microUSB cable to charge the Zano's battery while it is still housed inside it, but you can also remove the battery and charge it with an adapter.

Pledge £139 (RM736) or more for the Zano Kickstarter and you will get a spare battery.

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[Source:  Techcrunch]