Meet Samsung's new camera-focused range, the Galaxy K

Its first Android-powered Samsung Galaxy K Zoom blurs the line between cameras and smartphones with its 10x optical zoom
Meet Samsung's new camera-focused range, the Galaxy K

There are days when we are just astounded at how Samsung is trying to make life harder for us with more choices. The Samsung Galaxy K Zoom is one fine example.

The imaging-centric Android smartphone isn't the first of its kind (think last year's Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom). But at least its successor is no longer as chunky and awkward-looking as the kid who sits at the back of the class anymore.

Meet Samsung's new camera-focused range, the Galaxy K

Its 10x optical zoom lens is now more inconspicuous. So much, that when you flip it one way, it looks very much like your usual Galaxy smartphone. Look at it from the other end and it looks exactly like a camera. Talk about deceiving looks.

The device sports a 20.7MP BSI CMOS sensor and a Xenon flash. Stripping all that geek talk aside, that means you can blow up images without worrying about pixels and capture better night shots. Oddly, while its flagship cousin has 4K video recording, the Galaxy K Zoom is only capable of 1080p full HD.

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New camera features

Meet Samsung's new camera-focused range, the Galaxy K

In addition, it runs the latest Android 4.4 KitKat, which you'll be fiddling with from its 4.8in Super AMOLED display. By the way, it's a 720p display (boooo) but at least it's powered concurrently by a 1.3GHz quad-core and 1.7GHz dual-core processor

Sorry, we forgot to mention, you can use it for phone calls and text messages too, silly us.

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"The K Zoom is not just a camera, it's not just a smartphone, it's a camera-specialised smartphone, and is a totally new category that you've never seen before," Samsung senior vice-president and head of the imaging business, Sung Hong Lim, said at the Singapore launch.

The South Korean electronics giant has thrown in some cool rear camera features for camera noobs. It has an auto-focus/auto exposure separation feature that lets you tap to focus on a subject, after which you can tap once more on a different darker area to re-adjust the exposure level.

Narcissists, or if you'd prefer the term selfie lovers, will adapt to the selfie alarm mode like a fish to water. It beeps when you are perfectly aligned within a pre-allocated image frame, and the rear imaging sensor will take a timed selfie.

Sounds delicious, but unfortunately, it's not up for grabs yet. Samsung hasn't revealed local pricing and availability details, but we'll be hounding them for the information, so check back soon.