Maxis still fastest telco in Malaysia, says report

Latest Open Signal report shows Maxis is still king in most areas, though Yes 4G surprises in one segment

OpenSignal is back with its state-of-mobile-networks report, and in Malaysia it seems Maxis still rules.

Who's faster?

As far as 4G is concerned, Maxis is the fastest with a 23.6Mbps average download speed, beating all other telcos in 4G speed, 3G speed, 4G latency and 3G latency. But it didn't sweep everything: Yes 4G did better than Maxis in one respect - LTE availability, where the former scored 93.2 per cent in comparison to Maxis' 80 per cent. Other telcos reported between 62 per cent and 74 per cent.

Celcom averaged 16.2Mbps to come in third for 4G speed, behind Maxis and Yes. Digi managed just 11.8Mbps with U Mobile and Webe recording speeds of slightly above 7Mbps (for U Mobile) and below that (Webe).

The country's 3G speeds are on the slow side though. While the average global 3G connection is at 4.4Mbps, Maxis managed at most 3.8Mbps while Celcom, U Mobile and Digi were all under 3Mbps.

To view the full report, head over to the OpenSignal site here.

[Source: OpenSignal]