Maxis says sorry by giving Maxis One plans more data, other users unimpressed

Customers still on the iValue and Surfmore plans instead told to consider switching to Maxis One

After this week's massive furore over Maxis' pricing plans and its East Malaysian promo, Maxis CEO Martin Lundall finally gave an official response. Lundall and head of consumer business Dushyanthan Vaithiyanathan made an announcement over Facebook Live on the telco's Facebook page.

In it, Lundall said that the company had taken "too much time" before announcing its own new plans as Maxis wanted to add more features apart from "just more data". He apologised for what he said were cases where the company treated indviduals differently which he said was not in keeping with the company's own values of fairness and transparency.

While new plans are expected later this month, likely by next week, existing Maxis One customers will see upgrades to their current data quotas. Those with 1GB quotas will see them upgraded to 5GB and those on 3GB will see that raised to 8GB. These upgrades are likely part of the new plan rollouts and until that happens, starting next week all current Maxis One subscribers will get a free 3GB of data. The changes will be applied not just to Maxis consumer plans but corporate ones as well.

Customers still on other plans such as iValue, Surfmore, Talkmore will not see any changes to their plans and when one customer queried whether these plans would see changes, the customer service rep on Facebook instead said the company encouraged these customers to move to the Maxis One plans: "Our MaxisONE Plan provides the greatest value with superior and unique features like MaxisONE Share, MaxisONE World and Zerolution, so we would like you to enjoy the benefits by signing up for the plan."

It didn't take long before customers came to comment on the video, which has gotten over 1,000 shares on Facebook so far. Many were still disastisfied with the Maxis reps' answers, and it seems that even the promise of more data isn't enough to appease disgruntled customers who had been waiting for feedback for quite some time.

In Maxis' case, it seems that the telco's delay in responding might have contributed to the current massive lack of goodwill. A previous PR statement was received very poorly so let's hope that when the new plans are announced, their offerings will be enough to stem the tide of angry users on social media.

[Source: Maxis]