Maxis opens preorders for iPhone 6S, announces express deliveries

Despite last year's teething problems, Maxis is going to try express deliveries again

Maxis is, again, offering a special Midnight Express Delivery service for customers who preorder the new iPhone starting tomorrow Oct 9.  Last year, it also offered the express delivery for those who wanted their iPhone by midnight. This year, Maxis claims it will be able to send the phone anywhere you are within 24 hours.

No snafus, we hope?

Yet last year, Maxis customers who preordered found themselves waiting for their phones while walk-in customers got their phones faster. The Maxis site also couldn't quite keep up with the demand.

Let's hope Maxis can keep up with the demand this year, because it's pretty much guaranteed there'll be plenty of preorders. Now, iPhones are far more expensive than last year but will it stop Malaysians from upgrading? We'll have to see.

We're betting the Rose Gold colour will be sold out in no time, judging at how fast the variant is selling out all over the world. As for price plans, expect them out by tomorrow as well.