Maxis Opens Pre-Orders For The Samsung Galaxy S10

You could be one of the first Malaysians to get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy S10

If you aim to be the first in Malaysia to get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy S10, this is your chance. In less than 48 hours, Maxis will open pre-orders for the upcoming flagship smartphone through a postpaid contract! 

Maxis has yet to reveal the contract pricing but you can expect the phone to come with a 24-month contract with its MaxisONE postpaid plans. It should be similar to their previous Galaxy S9 plan, where both standard contract as well as an instalment option with their Zerolution 360 program were offered. 

Pre-orders will start at 10am Malaysian time on Friday, 22nd February 2019. If you don’t have a Maxis Online ID, you should register now for a smoother pre-order experience on their online store. 

The Galaxy S10 is set to be announced at 3am on 21st February 2019. It has been predicted that the Galaxy S10 could be priced around RM3,200-RM3,400 while the Galaxy S10+ is priced at around RM3,600-RM3,800 for the base 128GB storage model.