Maxis is offering its own phone for less than RM100

Maxis customers with good payment records will pay next to nothing for the phone

Unexpectedly, Maxis has now come up with its own-branded NeXT phone and is offering it to its customers for a low RM78 a month - but only if you qualify.

Budget offering

The specs of the phone aren't too bad. Nothing too exciting but not horribly shabby. There's an octa-core processor, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage, 13MP rear camera and 5MP front camera, 2960mAh battery, and a 5.5in Full HD display.

As for the warranty, it's a generous 24 months with 6 months warranty for the screen itself. Should any issues crop up, Maxis will replace the unit for you. It only comes in one colour though:

For existing customers with a good payment record, the RM798 advance payment will be waived thus they will only pay the RM78 for the Postpaid Starter Plan the phone comes with. The plan comes with 50min of free calls, RM0.10 for each SMS and 2GB data, with another 2GB just for weekend use.

If you don't qualify for the advance payment waiver, you'll need to pay RM798 but you'll get a monthly RM66.50 rebate. Seeing the limited data on the plan and the still-required RM798 advance payment, topping up the money by a few hundred would net you a branded phone instead and freedom from being tied to a contract.

But if you qualify for the waiver and don't have to pay anything upfront, the plan is decent if you just want something no-frills in terms of features.

Signup for the plan on the Maxis website.