Maxis is giving up to 3 months of free data

If you register for a SurfMore plan under a 12 or 24-month contract, that is
Maxis is giving up to 3 months free data… if you sign up under one of their Surf

If you don’t mind being tied to down for a year or two to Maxis, you might find this deal a bit of a steal. Who doesn't want free data, right?

In Maxis' case, they're handing out up to 5GB a month in the form of rebates, with the amount dependent on whether you pickup the RM50 or RM75 Maxis SurfMore plans. How long you get the rebates for would go according to the length of your contract - one year gets you one month of rebates, while two years earns three. As always, breaking the contract comes with a penalty, and they’ll charge you the amounts that have been rebated too.

Too bad if you’re an existing Maxis user already on contract. The offer is only valid for non-contracted subscribers or new subscribers, and will only go on till 20 June this year.

That’s not the only offer from Maxis. If you’re already on an existing SurfMore30 plan or contract, you can get 50% off if you apply for a supplementary line. Of course the goodies only kick in if you’ve signed up for a 12-month contract. Instead of the regular RM30 a month, you’ll get an RM15 monthly rebate, effectively halving what you have to pay for 1GB of data access a month.

Not a bad deal considering it's only a one-year contract.

Source: Maxis