Maxis adds iPhone SE to its Zerolution plans

Maxis financing as low as RM66 a month for 24 months

Looks like the iPhone SE will be available from Maxis on its Zerolution hire-purchase scheme. The telco is offering both the 16GB and 64GB models in four colours.

Of course the caveat is that you will have choose a Maxis One plan and the ones eligible for the iPhone SE are the MaxisOne plan 128, MaxisOne plan 158, and the MaxisOne plan 188.

The Maxis Zerolution plan basically allows eligible customers with a good payment record to choose to pay for their phones via installments and pay nothing upfront. It's a decent proposition for those who don't plan to leave Maxis anytime soon and want to get an iPhone for cheap.

Who would the phone appeal to? Perhaps to people who want a smaller, and yet not underpowered iPhone (we're looking at you, iPhone 5c). With a metal body and yet very decent innards, the iPhone SE will appeal to those who want a phone that fits neatly in the hand.

Head over to the official Maxis Zerolution iPhone SE page to check your eligibility (if you're a Maxis customer) or contemplate your willingness to port over.