Masterpiece app helps the kid in you learn to draw

Osmo's app guides kids to better imitate what they see by creating traceable copies

Osmo, a children’s learning platform that works via a hardware attachment to the iPad in tandem with custom apps has just released its Osmo Masterpiece. It’s an app built to encourage kids (and big kids alike) to gain confidence in their ability to draw.

What happens is that you use the Osmo attachment to take a picture, then the picture is digitized into a rough sketch.

Draw anything without judgment

What happens next is the user can then trace or follow the lines that Osmo used to create the sketch, the Osmo picking up each movement of the sketch and translating it into an image. It might seem like just simple tracing, but the strokes used by Osmo are meant to be the kind of strokes you would use to actually draw something from scratch. It’s learning by doing in a novel way.

What’s freeing is that kids could take pictures of anything they want and then learn how to convert what they see in a picture to a drawing. The app also allows kids to search for images on the Internet, where Osmo will also suggest the best lines and shades to copy an image. Images can then be saved and shared digitally.

The app itself is free on the App Store but you will need the Osmo add-on (retailing for US$80) for the app to fully function.

[Source: Venturebeat]