MAS Bans Selected 15-inch MacBook Pro As Checked Baggage

Better fix your MacBook and keep the receipts

It's been a big deal that Apple's 2015 MacBook Pro has been recalled due to its battery exploding, and if you own one you will need to get it replaced ASAP or this could happen to you. It looks like it has raised alarms for Malaysia Airlines (MAS) as they have now announced that the 15-inch MacBook Pro laptop that uses batteries sold between September 2015 and February 2017 are now banned to be in checked baggage.

In their brief statement, MAS explains passengers who have performed the battery replacement under Apple’s recall program must present documentation/receipt related to the battery replacement upon check-in and/or boarding. If you hadn't done so yet, better get to it.

The only other airline to impose this type of ban on this particular MacBook Pro is Malindo Airline. It's understandable that airlines are being extra careful with devices that are at risk of exploding. Airlines had also been careful with the Galaxy Note 7, where we have even reported on one Malaysia's Galaxy Note 7 exploding in his car.