Marshmallow version of Oppo's Project Spectrum UI now available for the R7s

ColorOS still supported, but this will give more of a stock Android feel

For Oppo R7s users who would like something other than ColorOS, they now have the option to download the Marshmallow-based Project Spectrum UI.

What's great about it? Oppo says that it offers a near-stock Android experience but will still have some recognisable ColorOS features. 

Oppo R7s users will be able to enjoy Marshmallow's Google Now on Tap as well as the battery-saving Doze Mode. ColorOS enhancements that were preserved include customisable getsures, support for VOOC Flash charge as well as Oppo's own camera app.

Why is this a big deal? The reality is that some people would prefer having a more stock Android experience without having to buy a Nexus to do so. This is a decent compromise between providing that and Oppo still adding in some tweaks of its own.

The Find 7, R5 and the limited release R7g also have Project Spectrum options while the R7 Plus will get its own Project Spectrum ROM by 13 May.

To download the ROMs for your specific Oppo phone, just head over to the community website page. For more on Oppo, check out what we've got so far on this selfie-friendly device maker.