Mario Kart Tour For Mobile Is Getting Released On September 25th

Nintendo’s racing franchise is finally coming to your smartphone.

Nintendo has been easing into the mobile market with the release of a couple of their biggest franchises into free-to-play mobile offerings. It started with Pokemon Go, which led to things like Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes being some of the most popular mobile games Nintendo has ever made. Next month, another major Nintendo staple will be joining the fray.

Mario Kart Tour has been teased for over a year now, with the enticing allure of racing with friends on-the-go and all over the world on your smartphone. The game went through a beta phase earlier this year, showing off the gameplay of the game for Android users who pre-registered.

Now, thanks to an official Tweet by the European Mario Kart Tour account, we now know that the game will be coming to both iOS and Android on September 25th. The beta showed off some of the quirks that the game has, including the gameplay and in-game microtransactions, which drew some ire from hardcore Mario Kart fans. Hopefully the beta allowed the developers to iron out some of the kinks from the beta.

By next month, Mario Kart Tour will be the 6th mobile Nintendo game, with Dr. Mario World also recently released for mobile platforms last month. Hopefully, we’ll see more announcements on Nintendo’s mobile plans in the next Nintendo Direct and whether or not this will be available worldwide.