Expect Mario and more as Nintendo World joins Universal Studios Japan

Nintendo's just given us a really good reason to visit Osaka

Nintendo recently announced its tie-up with Universal Studios to bring the Nintendo world to the latter's theme park in Osaka, Japan.

More than Mario

Nintendo America released the first promo pic for the tie-up and it looks like the new theme park attraction will be called Super Nintendo World.

That means it won't just be Mario and gang but likely other popular characters from Nintendo's universe. Though of course we know if they made a Pokemon World it would probably do crazy well.

When will the Nintendo theme park fun begin? Well, Universal Studios is targetting to have the park operational in time for the Olympics happening in Tokyo, 2020. So if you want to be in Japan for the Olympics as well as for the park, best to start booking your tickets early.

While it will initially be opened in Japan first, there are plans to eventually bring the attraction to Hollywood, California and Orlando, Florida.

So theme park fans will have a lot to look forward to in just a few years though details are scant so far on what restaurants or rides will be coming though, only the assurance that many will be opened over several years.

Besides theme parks, we're also really excited about the Nintendo Switch so check out what we know so far about what might be 2017's most exciting console. Looks like Nintendo's on a roll. 

[Source: Polygon]