Manfrotto's new VR range aims to meet all your 360-degree photography needs

With bases, accessories and extension booms, Manfrotto offers some quality kit

With 360-degree photography going mainstream, Manfrotto has launched its own range for 360-degree photography enthusiasts.

Covering all your bases

Dubbed its 360-degree Virtual Reality range, Manfrotto has provided various accessories to facilitate 360-degree photography.

The company says its new kit will "provide reliably stable support" while being compact enough to not show up in shots. In the range there are bases to affix your cameras to, as well as boom extensions to maximise camera height. These boom extensions can be connected to all the bases in the Manfrotto VR range.

Coming in a variety of sizes, Manfrotto's latest range is compatible with the most popular 360-degree cameras and prices range from £29.95 (RM170) to £634.95 (RM3545).

[Source: Manfrotto via Photography Blog]