Manchester United's new coach spends £500,000 on video cameras

Perhaps hoping to have a more successful (and longer) term than his predecessor, Louis van Gaal is getting some tech help to review and improve his players
Manchester United's new coach spends £500,000 to keep players under video survei

With the beautiful game being a very expensive one these days, it's no surprise that Manchester United didn't have a problem with new coach Louis van Gaal's request for £500,000 video cameras.

That might seem a lot but it's apparently what's needed to get the club back to where it used to be after suffering quite the slump when Sir Alex Ferguson left.

What are those cameras doing? Apparently these HD cameras are everywhere at the club's training pitch at Carrington and players are getting live video to see exactly what's going on at the pitch. Think of it as £500,000 worth of extra eyes besides van Gaal's, that is.

A mix of tech and good old coachin

Apparently now players have to get used to scrutinising themselves on video, with their coach pointing out just exactly where they should be at any given time.

ESPN quoted defender Jonny Evans saying,"The case before was that as long as we got the results everything was fine." Now the players will have to deal with looking at their video footage and relying on more than just their general spatial awareness and instincts.

Before, the coach was the primary eyes on the field but with the tough competition in the EPL, van Gaal is wise to use any resource he has at his disposal.

This is after all the age where Adidas now makes 'intelligent' balls as well as football sock/boot hybrids. The recent World Cup in Brazil was deemed one of the most tech heavy ones ever, with high-definition cameras fitted to all the stadiums, referrees carrying special vanishing spray and teams outfitted with fancy gear while the controversial goal-line tech finally made it to the World Cup.

What next? Football players playing football simulators? Only time will tell.

[Source: ESPN, pictures: Manchester United official website]