Manchester United bans tablets and laptops on Old Trafford grounds

The club has imposed the rule as a result of security concerns
Man Utd bans tablets and laptops on Old Trafford grounds

Manchester United fans, if you’re ever watching the game from Old Trafford stadium, there’s a new rule you’ve got to abide by – no laptops, no tablets. That’s right – you’ve got to leave your iPads and such similar devices at home.

Why? Because the club’s imposing “security intelligence” because many sports fans have been increasingly using their iPads and similar devices to photograph and record large portions of games in stadiums that could possibly break copyright laws.

“The regulations at each stadium are a matter for the relevant stadium management authorities, however, the scale of Old Trafford and profile of Manchester United mean the risk at this venue is unique,” United was quoted saying.

Well, we think if you ever get the chance to you be at the famous 76,100-seater stadium, you should be totally focusing on the live game anyway.

What tech can be brought in?

Man Utd bans tablets and laptops on Old Trafford grounds

The club issued a statement on its website, stating that the ban encompasses all large and small tablets, including the iPad mini, in addition to larger electronic devices. The silver lining is that this means you will be able to bring in your smartphones (we hear huge sighs of relief).

But there’s a restriction around that too – it’s not like you can bring your phablets in – the smartphones’ dimensions must be smaller than 5.9in by 3.9in, so if you bring in the likes of a Nokia Lumia 1520, Nexus 7, or a Samsung Galaxy Mega, it will get booted out.

Fans were also sent an email ahead of the Manchester United vs Valencia game, which provided details of the policy change. “We want to make you aware of an update to our club policy regarding home matches. Supporters cannot bring large electronic devices inside the stadium,” it read.

We’re guessing many of you supporters aren’t going to be ecstatic over its decision. 

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