Man hacks his own Space Invaders game with laser cutter

Where an enterprising man risks fire and injury to make Space Invaders real

Other people learn to code to make games. Martin Raynsford decided he wanted to use his laser cutter expertise to make a physical version of the old classic Space Invaders. "It’s got aliens, lasers and general destruction so what’s not to love?" was his excuse. We can relate.

Lasers, lasers everywhere

Raynsford reasoned that a modified laser cutter could provide 90 per cent of the hardware required and he used the keys on a laptop to control the game, while a webcam mounted on the cutter gave him a good view of the action.

"The game played well and resulted in flamey death for the space invaders and not the laser cutter, I consider that to be a win condition," wrote Raynford and according to him, the project spent about 4 months in the idea stage while the actual implementation took around 4-5 nights.

As to the sprite invaders, they were fashioned out of paper and held in place with paper clips as the latter were cheap and wouldn't burn. After some tweaks to space out the sprites so as not to be too close together, Raynsford produced a final, playable version. Check it out in the attached video.

[Source: BoingBoing]