Man DIYs control panel for his PC, puts your custom rigs to shame

When the power of LEDs and nerdery combine, you get magic

Who doesn't like custom rigs? Well, Redditor /u/smashcuts decided he wanted a different kind of DIY by making a functional overhead control panel for his PCs. It has a myriad of buttons, switches and knobs with both practical and hilarious functions.

Looking like something from a Star Trek set, the board is super-elaborate. There's a section for the most frequently used apps called Main Systems, while a central panel controls favoured shortcuts.

What adds to the charm is the custom labelling and naming, with the volume controls labelled 'More/Less rock' and the iTunes launcher called a 'Waveform Collider', among other things.

All of this was put together by combining USB controllers, LED lights and Arduinos hardware. To see how he did it, you can refer to the maker's online gallery that documents the control panel and the phases that went into making it.

[Source: TNW]