Malaysia's netizens make delicious fun of hot dog controversy

Who needs standup comedy when you have social media?

As predicted, Malaysians had way too much fun making jokes about the recent declaration by religious body JAKIM that hot dogs should be renamed 'sausages' in Malaysia.

JAKIM's justification was that it was to prevent confusion among Muslims, after it was revealed that pretzel chain Auntie Ann was told to rename its 'pretzel dog' as the 'dog' portion might be confusing to Muslims. As expected, Malaysians decided to show just what they thought about it on social media.

Let the sausage fest begin

[Image: Tiny Arts Project]

Former Malaysian Insider columnist Emmanuel Joseph was among the many Malaysians with pithy Facebook statuses dedicated to the issue. His comment was: 

I'm grateful Chinese not as confused as FOMCA, otherwise I think many Chinese Buddhists would be very,very,very confused over Buddha Palm, Buddha Fruit and Buddha forbid,Buddha Jumping Wall.

Popular Malaysian parody news website FakeMalaysianews also chimed in with a humorous faux news article, "Saudi Hot Dog Chain Scraps Malaysia Expansion Plan".

The restaurant recently ruled out calling itself  ‘Hot Sausage Express’ in Malaysia after concerns the new name may attract the wrong type of confused clientele.

Of course, Twitter was not to be left out. Here's a selection of choice Malaysian Tweets on the matter:


The hot dog controversy has even made it into international headlines with the story being picked up by, among others, AP, Daily Mail, The Guardian, Time and The Sun Daily. Looks like Malaysia has just started one heck of an online sausage party that will definitely amuse the world.