Malaysia's answer to NetFlix is iFlix, cheap but limited

Service is fairly affordable but might appeal to a very small niche

Obviously setting itself up as a Netflix alternative, content streaming site iFlix has just launched its service for Malaysia and the Philippines.  While the RM8 monthly subscription is attractive on paper, the service does have its drawbacks.

At present time, iFlix offers up a rather limited selection of shows and movies. It has, for instance, old classics such as Annie Hall and The Fly, but only has season three of sci-fi show Person of Interest and season two of cult BBC show Sherlock.

There is an interesting variety, though. Bollywood flicks, Korean dramas and Malay soaps can be found on the service, giving it a touch of local flavour. With Malaysians being savvy enough to subscribe to services such as Hulu and Netflix, would a cheaper subscription rate and not needing to install VPNs entice them into giving it a go? That's what the service hopes by initially pulling them in with a 15-day trial.

To sign up, just head over to iFlix.