Malaysians now get official access to Youtube Gaming

Good news for wannabe mobile game streamers

Google’s released its YouTube Gaming service in Malaysia, an offshoot of YouTube dedicated to gaming. It’s seen as an alternative to streaming service Twitch.

While Malaysian users have been able to access YouTube Gaming since its launch in 2014, but content creators will have an easier time now it’s official. There are more features such as streamlined search that will return only gaming-related results and video sorting by language and location is also now available.

The Android-only YouTube Gaming app will allow users to stream mobile games through a UI overlay, thus allowing users to record gameplay and then stream it. While streaming PC games has been pretty common, allowing streaming of mobile games will help add variety and flexibility to streaming content.

Creators can also partake of a subscription plan which lets subscribers pay the creator, much like the Patreon does. There is no actual paywall going on, with non-subscribers still being able to access videos.

To get a look at YouTube Gaming, just surf on over to or just download the app from Google Play or the App Store.

[Source: Amanz]