This Malaysian's Instagram Account Was Blocked For Recording A Few Seconds Of Toy Story 4

Even if it's just a few seconds on Instastory, it's still an offence

It's been said over and over again; don't record or even take pictures in a cinema. But it seems that for the sake of looking cool on social media, there are still those who think it's completely fine to take a still picture or even record a few seconds of a movie just to show off to others. Well, it looks like social media is finally hitting back; a lesson a Malaysian girl has learnt the hard way.

The Malaysian girl thought it would be fine to record a few seconds of Toy Story 4 and upload it to her Instagram story on 28 June 2019. On the next day, she received an email from Instagram to inform her that her account had been temporarily blocked for 3 days due to infringing intellectual property rights. This was followed by another email informing her that Disney Enterprise Inc is the party that has filed a copyright dispute. The content takedown by Instagram was compliant with the US’ Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

As of 1 July 2019 her Instagram account is already accessible, but during the suspension, she had posted on Facebook, warning people not to record even Instagram Stories in the cinema. Her Facebook status reads, "My Instagram account got blocked by Instagram. I'd like to take this opportunity to warn everyone not to follow what I did, filming an Insta Story while watching a movie in the cinema. 

Or else your account will get blocked. I'm also taken aback because I only filmed a few seconds (of Toy Story 4) but I received an email the next morning saying that I had infringed upon Disney's copyright. I want to bang my head on the wall."

If it isn't obvious already, it is an offence to record in the cinema. Under the Copyright Act 1987, offenders can be fined up to RM20,000 and jailed for not more than 5 years. This gets especially worse if you share it online without permission. Last year, a man was ordered to pay RM100,000 to Skop Productions for sharing Munafik 2 on social media.

It also creates risk of getting movies to our country, as some distributors may hesitate to bring movies to Malaysia if viewers continue to spread any form of images or videos from their movies. So it doesn't matter if it's just a few seconds or even on Instastory that's meant to last 24 hours, don't ever record or take photos of a film in cinema!