Malaysians barely use desktop devices to go online: Google

So what do we use? Smartphones, obviously
Malaysians barely use desktop devices to go online: Google

It’s proven, all thanks to Google, that Singapore’s the smartphone nation of the world (and some say universe). But Malaysia is not too far behind in its smartphone take-up. It too should be put on a pedestal when considering its mobile usage.

Why? Because Malaysia’s topped the list when it comes to having higher smartphone adoption than computer adoption. The stats were reflected in a recent study by Google – called Consumer Barometer – which delves into web consumption across 46 countries globally.

What it showed was that Malaysia is leapfrogging desktop devices to go online with smartphones – over a third of Internet users surveyed mentioned that the smartphone was the only device they used to go online.

This figure compares to just 16 per cent on Singapore, and no other country outside of the Asian region showed any signs of the new trend (only Germany and the UK showed minimal signs of it, with seven per cent and six per cent of the respondents indicating that respectively). 

Smartphone use

Malaysians barely use desktop devices to go online: Google

So what are Malaysians using their smartphones for? We’ve topped the list (again) for shopping – 81 per cent of Malaysians surveyed use their devices to conduct research online before purchasing goods and services.

Putting this into perspective, Singaporeans do so 69 per cent of the time, while the Vietnamese use it for that purpose 75 per cent of the time, making these countries the top three in the Asian region. 

And search engines remain key to the process, especially for Malaysians, with 75 per cent of them using it to search for literally, everything (from movie tickets, to flights and car insurance). Singapore follows close behind, at 60 per cent, showing us that Singapore and Malaysia are both clearly smartphone adopter forerunners. 

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