Malaysian price for Huawei Mate 10 Porsche edition out

UPDATE: If you're a Porsche fan and want this, now you can

In many other countries, the iPhone X is considered the most expensive (and perhaps most sought-after) smartphone right now. But China is bucking the trend with a Huawei phone - the Mate 10 Pro Porsche Design.

UPDATE 30/11/2017: The pricing and availability of the phone in Malaysia is out - it will cost RM6999 and will be available in limited quantitites from 8 December onwards.

Limited-edition impact

Internally, this edition isn't all that different from the standard Mate 10 Pro. It's basically the highest-spec version of the phone (6GB RAM, 256GB storage) and it comes with some extras such as a leather case and customised accessories including a USB Type-C adapter and two chargers. Externally it's sleek black, with the Porsche Design logo emblazoned on the front instead of the usual Huawei one, which is moved to the rear of the phone.

Doesn't sound like much, but this makes all the difference when it comes to marketing - touted as a luxury phone, the Porsche Design edition has spurred demand that has gone through the roof. 

Apparently the phone has sold out on official channels and is now being offered at marked-up prices on the resale market. How much are we talking about? Think up to RMB27000 (S$5514), about twice the phone's retail price. Compare this with the iPhone X's starting selling price on and Taobao for around RMB9000 (S$1838).

Here's what we think of Huawei's latest - and if you're into the phone purely for its specs, you might consider going for the non-Porsche edition as you can probably buy two of them for the price at the moment. 

[Source: Digitaltrends]