Malaysian iPhone SE prices & launch date confirmed

UPDATE: iPhone SE will be available starting from 13 May

UPDATE: According to Soyacincau, local Apple distributors Machines and Switch have announced details of the iPhone SE's availability on their respective Facebook pages. The prices as previously reported are confirmed.

Machines is also selling the older iPhone 5S for RM1,299 for anyone wanting an iPhone without breaking the bank. 


Looks like the iPhone SE will soon be available seeing how the phone has its official price out on the Malaysian Apple Store. Also available? The new, smaller iPad Pro.

If you’ve been hoping for much cheaper prices, you’ll be disappointed as the Malaysian prices are a few hundred ringgit more than in the US but around the same as Singapore.

For the iPhone SE, it comes only in 16GB and 64GB with the following prices: RM1,949 and RM2,449. There are also the same four colour choices: silver, gold, space gray and rose gold.

The 4-inch screen will be a comfort for those wanting a smaller iPhone but with decent specs. Benchmarks have so far shown that the iPhone SE has a quality build and specs, just in a smaller size and costing (slightly) less.

For the 9.7in iPad Pro, there are the same four colour options as the iPhone SE. The rose gold option isn’t available for the larger iPad Pro, in case you were wondering.

For the Wi-Fi only models, it’s RM2,699 for 32GB, RM3,399 for 128GB and RM4,099 for 256GB. The pricing for the cellular models are respectively RM 3,299.00, RM 3,999.00, and RM 4,699.00

You can order the iPad Pro now but as for the iPhone, the website might list the prices but attempts to order it will instead get you the message that the phone is currently unavailable.

What can you expect now? Since the official pricing is out, the telcos will likely soon be announcing the prices for their price plans soon. All of them, (Digi, Maxis, Celcom, U Mobile) will be carrying the device so expect their offers out soon.

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