Malaysia, this is how you get your iPhone 6s/6s Plus from U Mobile

U Mobile offering trade-ins as well as flexipayment option

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U Mobile is again taking the cutthroat route by offering not just cheap postpaid plans, but flexipayment options as well as accepting trade-ins.

Almost too cheap

U Mobile has 4 plans to choose from for postpaid - the i40, i60, i90, and i130, all with a 24 month contract. Or instead you can choose to signup for a prepaid plan.

Credit card auto-debit (postpaid) means that you will get your upfront payment waived but if you did have to pay, it will be credited back to your account. If you have a phone you'd like to trade in, you can also turn it in for a nice big rebate on your phone or decide to play via U MIcrocredit, a flexible payment option that is essentially a micro loan with no deposit or collateral needed with options for payment.

U Mobile also makes it easy to terminate your contract, though you will have to pay back the phone subsidy.

You won't be able to preorder the phone online but you can instead pre-register on U Mobile's website.