Hologram Calls Are Coming To Malaysia Soon

Not the best way to get a call from your boss.

Long distance communication has long thought to have hit a roadbump in innovation as Facetime and video calls are so prevalent right now. Even Facebook and Instagram now allows  video calls to your family and friends across the Internet. Naturally, the next step is to project your entire body in calls, and Malaysia might be the first country to bring this tech to life.

Famously seen in Star Wars, with Princess Leia sending a holographic message to Ben Kenobi through the droid R2-D2, this science fiction staple might just be a reality in the coming future. This can now be seen at the 5G Malaysia Showcase, with Celcom showing off the capabilities of this tech to Minister of Communications and Multimedia, Gobind Singh Deo.

As reported by Astro Awani, this tech is only made possible through the use of 5G, with Celcom hoping to extend the use of this tech through the fields of medicine and agriculture. 5G’s speeds can reach up to 20 GBps, thus allowing for the transmission of full-body holograms in rapid pace. You can read more on how other companies are faring into 5G in a recent article of ours.

Overall this isn’t the first news of Malaysia trying to get ahead in the world with news of tech that sounds straight out of science fiction. Earlier in the year, a flying car concept was shown off. Hopefully we get to see robot maids next.