Make waves in the amphibious Watercar Panther

This vehicle will traverse all terrain - including water
Make waves in the amphibious Watercar Panther

What a car

Watercar, you mean. And you’re only half right. Taking its design cues from the Jeep CJ8 Scrambler, the Watercar Panther is built to drive on roads, off roads and get this, into water.

You might want to recheck that last sentence

Make waves in the amphibious Watercar Panther

We’re not kidding. Just drive up to any water body, put the Watercar Panther in neutral, pull a knob to engage “jet drive”, and you’ll be whizzing across the water in no time.

Whizzing? You mean sputtering, right?

Nope. This amphibious car doesn’t just float, it flies - across water, that is. A fiberglass hull keeps both fresh and salt water from damaging the core of the car while the super light chromoly steel chassis keeps the water from reaching your feet. All of that is driven by a 3.7 liter V-6 VTEC Honda engine to reach speeds of up to 128 kph on land and 72 kph in water. 

I will be an instant chick magnet!

Well...the vehicle will. Owning an amphibious vehicle doesn’t automatically make you James Bond, you know. Unlike those guys in the video, you’ll probably fare better if you keep the smugness off your face and ease your foot off the douchebag pedal.

Not listening. I’m already packing for my weekend waterhole adventure.

Hang on. The Watercar Panther is currently available in three stages of completion: Rolling Chassis, Turnkey Minus and Complete Custom, with prices beginning from US$75,000 (S$95,040), so a little assembly, or at least some waiting time, will be required before you start driving the high seas.


Source: Uncrate