Make like a human battery pack, use your body heat to power your gadgets

Glass fabric-based generator minimises thermal energy loss but maximises output
Use your body heat to power your gadgets

You could quite literally become your own walking powerbank with a new invention that harnesses your body heat via a thermoelectric generator.

Where did this genius idea come from? The Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology designed a generator that works by using thermoelectric substances printed on glass fabric.

What's particularly notable about the invention is that it's fairly light, thanks to the use of glass fabric, which also gives it a low bending radius of 20mm. As for the type of power it packs, we're talking a potential 40 mW of electric power generated by the difference of temperature between an average human being and the atmosphere.


Converting heat to power

Converting heat to power

Professor Byung Jin Cho, leader of the project, says he is confident that the generator's application would go beyond just charging batteries. He sees it in use in industries where he says, large amounts of thermal energy is just being allowed to go to waste.

The current prototype is a mere 10cm by 10cm and still far from being at the commercially viable stage. But who knows? This holds hope that we will soon find other alternatives to electricity. Hook us up already. 

[Source: Engadget]