MacOS High Sierra is out, here's what you need to know

Latest update to the MacOS is here, with a lot to look forward to

It's MacOS X update time and High Sierra is finally here and ready for download. Here's a quick recap on the new tweaks to Apple's easy-to-love desktop OS.

Power aplenty

Be sure you have enough space on your hard disk for the upgrade, as the installer alone is 5GB. Back up your important files, then click on the App Store to start downloading.

You should see the High Sierra being featured at the top of the App Store and once you click on it, the download should begin. Once the installer is done, it's just a matter of clicking on it and waiting for the update process to start.

Some of the features will probably be of interest to content developers: the new High-Efficiency Video Codec (HEVC), which adds better compression, streaming and playback. You will need a sixth

Apple's also upgraded its file system, with the Apple File System (APFS) that now supports high-capacity devices and increasing the speed of simple operations such as copying and moving files.While APFS supports any Mac with flash storage, HDD and Fusion systems will be updated in future to support it.

The new Metal 2 allows more efficient GPU handling, allowing for access to powerful external GPUs thanks to Thunderbolt 3. Also, there is now support for VR content creation with the Mac OS X and there is also now Core ML, that brings machine learning to the fingertips of Apple developers.

For Photos, Live Photos editing is also now supported and third-party editors can be launched straight from Photos itself, saving users a lot of time waiting to launch apps. Also expect new editing functionality with the ability to edit Curves as well as editing colour ranges.

Other cool extras: Notes now allows you to add tables, Spotlight can help provide flight information including arrival and departure times, flights paths and delays, Siri has a less robotic voice and for privacy - the Intelligent Tracking Prevention in Safari blocks unwanted follows from trackers or cookies.

Enjoy the new update, but be prepared for the hour or so wait it will take depending on your Internet connection. Check out our coverage on all things Apple iPhone X and iPhone 8 on your phone in the meantime instead.