MacBook's benchmark scores much lower than Air, Pro

Only to be expected but at least people can manage their expectations about the new machine

The new MacBook has already inspired choruses of "I want it!" Beautiful as it might be, unless all you want is a portable, elegant machine that can handle the basics, the latest Geekbench scores might persuade you into just getting a Retina Pro instead.

At least it's not a Chromebook

To get the MacBook as slim as it is now, Apple had to pare down the specs to run on Intel's Core M platform. One made for more battery life and portability but not so much for power. The latest numbers for the GeekBench database (test run on a MacBook running a 1.1GHz Core M-5Y31) are1,924 and 2,044 for single-core testing with multi-core scores being 4,038 and 4,475.  In contrast the MacBook Pro Retina scored 3,007 in the single-core test and 6,596 for multi-cores.

Windows Ultrabooks tested also showed marginally better scores than the MacBook. Overall, it seems that even the entry-level Air whups the 2015 MacBook's behind in the performance stakes which isn't good if Apple plans to sell a lot of MacBooks in April when they come out.

[Source: Digitaltrends]