MacBook Air's Starting Price Lowered To MYR 4699

Students can also get it a much lower price

While the MacBook Air with Retina display was introduced last year, it looks like Apple has given it a little update while also lowering the starting price of the laptop from MYR 5249 to MYR 4699.

In terms of the update, it comes in the form of TrueTone feature for its Retina display. This technology is actually already available on plenty of other Apple devices including iPhone and iPad. It helps adjust the display’s colour temperature according to the surrounding environment so that the viewing experience is more comfortable to user’s eyes.

Other than that, every other specs related to the MacBook Air remains. It still features an 8th Gen Intel Core i5 dual-core processor alongside the ability to fit up to 16GB of RAM. Apple has also retained the 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB SSD options but weridly enough not the 1.5TB storage which has been replaced with 1TB instead.

The MacBook Air is currently available on Apple Malaysia's online store. Take note that if you're a student, you can purchase the laptop at an even lower starting price of MYR 4,299 so now is definitely a good time to get one!