The Lux, a camera you can build yourself

Don't bother hitting the retail store for a camera. Just 3D-print one of your own

Instead of buying your next camera, why don't you try making one of your own? Sounds impossible right? Thanks to Kevin Kadooka, the man behind the Duo-TLR, it isn't. That's because he's got all the details you need to build one through his open-source camera project Lux.

So how do you go about making your own camera? All you need is a 3D printer (or access to your local 3D printing services), a bit of a knack for circuitry soldering and some patience. Ok, it might not be impossible, but we didn't say it was going to be too easy. Most of the instructions and files are in Kadooka's website anyway. All you need to is to download them (3D design files included), and with a little patience, you'll have built your own camera from scratch.

Some assembly required

Don't expect a a fancy digital camera though. This DIY camera uses 120 film and shoots with Kadooka's own single leaf shutter (SLS) concept. All that electronic soldering skills we mentioned at the beginning? You'll need it to make the SLS that's controlled by an Arduino board. 

Kadooka’s vision is to make a 100% DIYable camera. He says, ”Lux is my proof-of-concept platform for my new electronic shutter  (the SLS). A secondary goal for this camera was to make it completely homegrown, meaning no parts from existing camera manufacturers, only using single-element lenses from Anchor Optics.”

So if you're really into photography and REALLY bored, grab the design and instructions for the camera here. Go ahead, and impress your mates with a camera you built with your own two hands.

Source: Kadooka Camera via DIYPhotography