Lumia 650 takes Windows Phone 10 back to the entry-level

It's strictly business, according to Microsoft's launch vids

Windows Phone is hardly big news when it comes to smartphone operating systems. Microsoft knows that, and is aiming the Lumis 650 at the business end of the spectrum to try and claw back a piece of the pie.

The 5in AMOLED display and aluminium finish might look slick, and at 6.9mm thick it's not going to bulge out of your pocket, but the 720p resolution and US$199 (RM823) price give away what to expect under the hood.

The quad-core Snapdragon 212 processor, 2000mAh battery and 8MP rear camera are all fairly bargain basement, as is the meagre 16GB of storage and 5MP front cam.

It's going to launch in single- and dual-SIM models with a choice of black and white colours, but only in select European countries this week. There's no news on whether it's heading to this part of the world yet. Stick around to find out!

The main reason to pick up a Lumia smartphone should be Continuum, Microsoft's PC-in-a-phone software that lets you plug your handset into a monitor to turn it into a basic computer. For some bizzare reason, though, the aenemic Lumia 650 doesn't support it.

Even without Continuum, Microsoft says the Lumia 650 will be the "smart choice for business", but we get the feeling workers won't be too happy if their IT guys inflict Windows Phone on them.

It's probably the last chance they'll get though; Microsoft is rumoured to be giving up on Lumia and moving onto something different in order to compete with Apple and Android.

There's no major Microsoft announcement expected next week at MWC, so we'll likely have to wait until BUILD in the summer for something more concrete.

[source: Windows blog]