Lucky Passengers Of Southwest Airlines Gets Free Nintendo Switch

I'm not jealous, you are!

It's at times like these that all we can do is watch afar in envy. As Southwest Airlines and Nintendo teamed up for San Diego Comic-Con, they gave all lucky passengers on a specific flight  on Southwest Airlines received a Nintendo Switch and a Super Mario Maker 2 game.

That's right, they went full out Oprah with these passengers.

Specifically, Southwest Airlines  teamed up with Nintendo for a competition at the Nintendo Gaming Lounge during San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC), during which lucky winners can bag themselves a console and copy of Super Mario Maker 2. But of course, not everyone will be attending SDCC so to create some hype, the companies decided to get the party started for SDCC by giving out a free Nintendo Switch and a Super Mario Maker 2 game for each passenger.

So sure, those who were already going to SDCC would see this as a great start for the upcoming event, but even those who aren't into gaming wouldn't say no to a chance to play Mario Maker while flying. Southwest even went all the way to prepare a custom level for passengers to play on.

Of course, the lucky people who received the Switch went all the way to brag about it and no, we're not that jealous. I mean, who wants Super Mario Maker 2, anyways? *cough* Congratulations to the lucky receivers of the Switch, and may it convert more people into the world of Nintendo.