Low-light comparison: see how the ZenFone 5 fares against its high-end competitors

ASUS says their PixelMaster technology is the best in capturing your mug in low-light. We put that to the test in our smartphone camera shootout
Low-light comparison: ZenFone 5 vs Lumia 1020 vs Xperia Z1 vs HTC One m8

Now that the price-defying ZenFone family is launched in South East Asia, ASUS is on a roll in showcasing the best features of their phones, and it starts with PixelMaster.

If you're into taking pictues in low-lit surroundings, this is the feature for you, as ASUS is leveraging on the power of Intel's Clover Trail Plus camera in the ZenFone 5 and 6. What it does is combines the light and image information from four surrounding pixels into a single central pixel- creating a super pixel for ultra-bright low-light images.

We've seen many cameras on phones that say they're excellent shots in the dark, but we think ASUS takes the cake this time around. Don't believe us? Check out the following gallery comparing photos from the ZenFone 5 and other high-end smartphones.

Method of photography: We took each photo on Auto mode in the same darkened room, except for the ZenFone 5, where we had to manually activate its PixelMaster feature.