Love old school Voltron? This is the LEGO set you've been waiting for

With over 2100 pieces, it will include both the individual lions and the final combined Voltron robot

While LEGO does manage to come up with its own great sets, the company isn't above hearing suggestions from fans. Lego Ideas lets fans offer submissions and the winning sets will end up being official. This time, a fan submitted a Lego set based on the original 80s Voltron TV show. And guess what? It's amazing.

80s kids will remember

Leandro Tayag, 41, a software engineer from the Philippines who resides in Malaysia, came up with the initial design two years ago, but dropped the project for a while as he couldn't get the design just right.

He restarted the project in March, spending two hours a night over a period of three weeks. His biggest challenge? Getting the legs just right so they would look good as standalone lions as well as when they would fold into the huge robot form.

What next for the set? Expect it to eventually go into production, but for news on that, you'll have to wait until 2018.

[Source: LEGO]