Love, Death + Robots Gets A Second Season

As well as a new supervising director at the helm.

Netflix has a number of shows that are starting to become staples and mainstays on the platform; with Queer Eye already on its 4th season, Jon Favreau’s Chef series proving that cooking shows can survive on the platform, and Love, Death + Robots becoming an instant hit earlier this year. Thankfully, Love, Death + Robots is getting a second season soon.  

With a short teaser released by Netflix themselves, the new season is bringing back the anthology series with a whole new batch of episodes. The teaser doesn’t show off any of the new episodes, instead plays a short recap of prior shorts. Though presumably, this next volume of the series will also have about 18 episodes.

While the studios and actors of this new batch of episodes have not been revealed, a new supervising director for the series has been announced. Jennifer Yuh Nelson, the director of Kung Fu Panda 2 and 3, will be overseeing the next season of the series. This animation veteran has made major contributions to Dreamworks’ catalog of movies, and has even directed a live-action film herself; The Darkest Minds.

Hopefully this new season of Love, Death +Robots will take a page from Voltron’s penchant for releasing 2 seasons in a year and arrive soon, and fans can take another trip to the gritty, sci-fi world that we’ve all come to love.