Look out, Steam: Twitch is going to start selling games it streams

Devs, streamers and Twitch will all get a cut from sales

Ever watched a Twitch stream and felt like buying the game you were watching? Twitch now wants to make it possible with its new Twitch Games Commerce service.


A win-win deal

A new 'Buy Now' button will appear besides games on partnered streamer Twitch channels. The button will lead to a game's store page and the revenue will be shared, with developers getting a 70 per cent cut, streamers get five per cent and the rest is presumed to go to Twitch. Customers who purchase games via Twitch will also be rewarded with loot, via the new Twitch Crates that will feature randomised items such as special emotes and chat badges.

It's an interesting concept - Twitch gets content, streamers get a cut and developers get another avenue to sell their games. Pricing will initially be in US dollars, with support for other currencies later.

The new feature will be exclusively available to Twitch partner streamers, but it's likely so as only they were mentioned in the announcement. When will this be happening? Sometime in Spring 2017.

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Twitch Games Commerce Announcement from Twitch on Vimeo.

[Source: Twitch/Businesswire]