A look at ookyo, Maxis' new prepaid brand

The service is targetted at data-hungry Android users

Oh, look. Another prepaid brand. This time, it's from Maxis - one targetted at heavy Google Play users and those who basically live for data on their phones.


Early birds will get RM15 in Google Play credit on signing up - which brings up one interesting bit about ookyo: it seems to be tailored towards Android users, since you only get credit and rebates for Google Play. There's no App Store mention or options here.

For RM30 a month, you get to choose between either a Social Pack or an Entertainment pack, with unlimited Internet for selected apps. For whatever isn't in those apps, you get a 3GB quota. You need to be subscribed to Maxis Pay for all this to work, however because the plan will deduct RM30 from it each month.

As for the Google Play rebate system, you get 10% back in Google Play credit for each RM1 spent. Which works out great if you spend a lot on Google Play, not so much if you don't.

So who is ookyo for? Basically anyone who doesn't need a fancy plan, free texts or free voice minutes (all these, you need to purchase extra packages on top of what you get). If you life is lived purely digitally or you have a spare device then maybe this might be the best option for you.

Head over to the ookyo website to check out what's on offer or order a prepaid SIM of your own.