Look makes sure you never lose your glasses

Simple Bluetooth tracker keeps glasses and other objects within easy reach
Look makes sure you never lose your glasses

Anyone who's ever worn glasses will remember the early morning fumbling for your eyewear. Glasses are far too easy to misplace and not so easy to find if your eyesight is bad enough to need them in the first place.

Dafna Ariely found herself constantly looking for her reading glasses and decided there had to be a better way of doing it besides upturning the sofa cushions once again.

Her frustration led to the creation of the Look device, created specifically for eyeglasses but perfectly usable on other often misplaced items. It works as follows: attach the Look device to your eyewear (or car keys or wallet, you get the drift) and then track the device on your smartphone with the Look app.

Fashionable tracking, anyone?

What would appeal to the bespectacled crowd is that the device comes in five colours - black, red, silver, brown and white - as well as four sleek designs. Meaning you can attach it to your glasses without looking like a complete tool.

The Bluetooth range is 15m and it is also somewhat water-resistant but not waterproof. So it'll likely withstand the odd heavy sweating and sudden onset of rain but no soaking it in the bathtub.

But what if grandma doesn't have a smartphone but keeps losing her glasses? Look also comes with a keychain remote, which unfortunately doesn't work with the app.

To help get the Look device out to all the absent-minded people in need, there's an Indiegogo campaign launching 3 September. If you fancy one, then prepare to pay US$30 each, with an extra US$5 for shipping. Early birds can get one for US$25.

Sure, there are other tracking devices available but Look's specific target market might like a tracking device that can be left on your glasses without taking too much space or proving uncomfortable.

Only question is: without your glasses, will you be able to find your phone and then find your glasses? We predict much ensuing hilarity.

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