Lomo’s LC-A range goes medium format

The LC-A 120 might be the most compact 120mm film camera of all time
The LC-A 120 might be the most compact 120mm film camera of all time

This looks just like the existing Lomo LC-A+…It might do, but it’s a whole new model – one that takes 120mm film rather than the “normal” LC-A’s 35mm rolls.

So it’s medium format? Aren’t medium format cameras usually massive?It is, and they often are. But the LC-A 120 is only a wee bit larger than its 35mm counterpart, and Lomo says you can easily tuck it in a handbag or manbag when you’re heading out.

The Lomo LC-A 120 has a 38mm glass lens

Remind me: what’s the advantage of medium format?The main benefit is the physically larger size of the film, which means two things. Firstly, more resolution can be captured – great if you want to get your shots blown up without seeing tons of grain or blur. Secondly, a larger format makes achieving a narrow depth of field a little easier. You can read about why you might want to do that here.

Lomo LC-A 120

Tell me about the specsWell, there’s a 38mm f/4.5 wide angle lens (made of glass unlike most Lomo camera lenses, which are plastic). That might not sound very wide, but in normal 35mm terms, it’s equivalent to a 21mm lens, which is plenty wide. The photos are in square format, focus is done manually and exposure is programmable and automatic.

What about ISO?It’s a film camera, remember – the ISO depends on what film you’ve put inside. But you can use anything between 100 and 1600 ISO.

And a flash?A flash will be available as an accessory, as well as a tripod. A cable release and batteries will come in the box though, and maybe a strap (Lomo has yet to confirm that).

When is it available?You can pre-order the LC-A 120 now for US$429 (RM1371). But the first batch is limited to 500 models, so don’t hang about. Lomo says they’ll be sent out in time for “the holidays”, so we’re thinking late November sounds like a good bet.

[Source: Lomography]