Lomography kickstarts 19th century Petzval DSLR lens

There's nothing like a bit of vintage 19th century imaging tech to get our shutterbug juices flowing
Lomography kickstarts 19th century Petzval DSLR lens

Ah, Kickstarter. The mother of dreams. The father of resurrection. Is there nothing it won't... kickstart?

The answer is no, apparently, for Lomography has revealed a Kickstarter project which aims to bring a DSLR version of the historic Petzval lens back to life.

The 19th century lens was at the bleeding edge of photography tech at the time and produced a 'bokeh' or background blur effect that modern cameras can only impersonate.

Old lens, new tricks

Lomography's version will of course have a few tweaks to keep up with today's camera tech, offering mounts for Canon EF and Nikon F-compatible cameras.

The refreshed Petzval lens packs an f/2.2 aperture, which is brighter than the original, and Lomography claims it'll provide rich colours and high contrast, with sharp subjects in the focus area.

Did we mention that it'll be forged from solid brass? Because it will. Let the colour clashing begin.

If you fancy throwing a wacky lens into your kit bag then you can contribute to the US$100,000 Kickstarter campaign where pre-orders begin at US$300. Or you could slice the end off a telescope and duct tape it to your DSLR. Just to see what happens.

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